4 Recommended Spots for Cherry Blossoms with Less Crowd in Kyoto

Cherry blossom season is one of the peak time for tourists to visit Japan and Kyoto is one the most popular locations.  As spring approaches, people look forward for cherry blossoms to bloom and if you are traveling at the right time, the spectacular view of cherry blossoms will blow you away!

Because we want you to feel the beautiful spring of Kyoto, here is 4 locations where you can have less chaotic viewing of cherry blossoms.

1. Yamashinasosui (山科疏水)


Photo by 淳平 筈井


Walk along the canal with beautiful row of cherry blossom trees continuing for approximately 4.2km.  You’ll feel like you are walking through a cherry blossom tunnel. It’s such a beautiful view with the cherry blossoms projected on the water surface while pink petals flutter as the wind blows. During the same time, canola flowers bloom underneath the cherry blossom. Get your camera out and capture the magnificent contrast of pink and yellow.

Big plus for Yamashinasosui is that it is only a station away from Kyoto station!

10 minutes walk from Yamashina station (JR Tokaido Sanyo Line)
Address:Goryo Kaiwai, Yamashina – ku, Kyoto
Open 24 hours


2. Kamogawa River

Kamogawa sakura 6

Photo by Marc Sheffner


Time flows so peacefully along Kamogawa river, and many locals come and enjoy the walk regardless of the season. But of course, with cherry blossoms, it will be such a beautiful walk. Recommended route is starting South, from Nanajo to Sanjyo.

There will be benches along the river so take a break, look up, and feel the spring. Also bring something to eat as it is a great a picnic location!


3. Kyoto Gyoen  

Cherry blossom

Photo by Yuki Shimazu


Located in central Kyoto, Kyoto gyoen is a big park surrounding the old imperial palace. Because it is so big, even with many people visiting, it won’t feel so crowded. You can also enjoy various kinds of cherry blossoms such as weeping cherry blossom and sato cherry blossoms.

Address:Kyoto Gyoen National Garden Office, Ministry of the Environment
3 Kyoto-Gyoen, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Tel: +81-(75)-211-6348
3 minutes walk from Marutamachi station (10 minutes ride from Kyoto Station)
Open 24 hours


4. Gion Shirakawa

Cherry blossoms at Gion, Kyoto

Photo by yukihiro.m


The cherry blossoms in Shirakawa will light up at night and you can experience authentic Kyoto feel in around Gion area. Recommended route is from Higashiyama station and walk toward Gion-Shijo station.

Address: Shirakawa- minami street
3 minutes walk from Marutamachi station (10 minutes ride from Kyoto Station)
Open 18;00 – 22:00 from March 26 to April 4.