Amazing 5 spots to see beautiful sunset near Tokyo area

1. Enoshima (Kamakura High School)

Enoshima is one of the famous movie locations in Japan. When you get off at “Kamakura Kou-Kou Mae” station of Enoshima Electronic Railway (, you will see a beautiful sunset in front of you. You can take a walk from the station toward Shichirigahama beach to experience its beauty of coastline that you’ve never seen in your life.


Photo taken by Ryosuke Yagi


2. Katsuura (Chiba Prefecture)

Beautiful beach and sunset is in front of you. Katsuura is one of highest transparency beach in Japan. You can enjoy seafood from fisherman’s house nearby and also magnificent scenery.


Photo taken by Houroumono


3. Yokohama (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Nearest sunset spot from Tokyo area would be Yokohama. Unlike other spots, you will be amazed by contrast of sunset and light from Yokohama city. One of the famous places is Osanbashi Pier, located in Naka Ward, Yokohama.

Yokohama Sunset

Photo taken by Skyseeker


4. Houjou Kaigan (Chiba Prefecture)

Very near to Tateyama station (railway station on the Uchibō Line in Tateyama, operated by East Japan Railway Company), what makes this spot so special is to allow photographers to capture both beautiful sunset and Mt. Fuji in their lenses.

Evening landscape of Tokyo Bay to watch from Tateyama

Photo taken by max max


5. Odaiba (Tokyo)

Last amazing sunset spot is Odaiba in Tokyo. It will take only 20 minutes from Tokyo station. You can see beautiful sunset falling into the gap of Tokyo buildings. Recommended locations would be Odaiba Kaihin Park (1-4 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo) or Daiba Park (

Port of Tokyo @ Odaiba

Photo taken by Guilhem Vellut