2016 Cherry blossom bloom forecast in Tokyo

As we approach March, everyone living in Japan awaits for the blooming of Sakura, cherry blossom. On one of the warm days in late March or early April, cherry blossoms starts blooming over the course of  5-7 days and then fall fleetingly within a week from full bloom. Gather with your friends and family under a beautiful pink cherry blossom. Eat, drink, enjoy each other’s company, and feel the warm spring day.

Here’s a prediction of blooming of cherry blossoms for 2016;

Chidorigafuchi Park & Sumida Park

Flowering: 3/25

Full Bloom: 3/31

Cherry at Chidorigafuchi with Tokyo tower.

Photo by Kennosuke Yamaguchi


Sakura at Sumida Park

Photo by Yoshikazu TAKADA


Yasukuni Shrine & Shinjuku Gyoen

Flowering: 3/22

Full Bloom: 3/30

Sakura at Yasukuni Shrine

Photo by Yoshikazu TAKADA


Spring in Shinjuku Gyoen

Photo by Tatters ❀


Koishikawa Korakuen & Rokugien

Flowering: 3/21

Full Bloom: 3/28


Yoyogi Park & Ueno Park

Flowering: 3/24

Full Bloom: 3/31

Yoyogi park hanami

Photo by Karl Baron


Sakura trees along Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park Tokyo

Photo by Seb